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Who Can Spot the Sexism?

31 May

I WAS walking through LaGuardia last night, anxious to return home after a long weekend visiting friends, when I saw this HSBC advert by the escalator.

HSBC advertisement

You’ve probably seen different versions of this ad campaign at U.S. airports, cleverly reassuring you that the banking behemoth will be sensitive to your culture/point of view/whatever. But this one stunned me with its message: for a child, it is an accomplishment to tie shoelaces, for a man, it’s a voyage in outer space, but for a woman, all it takes is a prize at a beauty pageant!!

Not to mention the accompanying text at the right, which says, “The more you look at the world, the more you recognise what really matters to people.” Way to insult all the women in the world, HSBC.

If I were compiling a list of offensive ad campaigns, this one would be featured prominently. Right next to this Dos Equis one I wrote about here.