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Ode to the Elusive Yellow Cab

9 Nov
Taxis as seen from the High Line

Taxis as seen from the High Line

POETRY doesn’t come often to me. It came to me this morning. I was standing on 23rd Street at 9 a.m., waiting patiently for a cab to come along. I waited and waited. Others saw me waiting and went off to try their luck somewhere else. It was a frustrating experience and one that happens too often for my liking.

We New Yorkers are so proud of never needing a car in the city, ‘you can get everywhere you want to go using public transport,’ we tell those suburban out-of-towners, and that’s true, but once in a while we, too, get lazy and crave the comfort of sitting in the back seat while the city whizzes by, one street at a time.

What follows is a description of my love-hate relationship with cabs in New York— in rhyme:



Ode to the Elusive Yellow Cab

I look to the left, look to the right
But there’s nary a cabbie in sight
I turn my head and I tap my toe
Where did all of those yellow cabs go?
Look at my watch, and look at time pass
I need a cab, and I need it fast!
I cross the street, hoping for some luck
Just missed one on the other side, f$#k!
There’s one going by, but the light’s not on
People inside, a kid and his mom
Here’s one now, but off-duty it looks
Two others won’t go cross-town, those crooks!
I’m having a bad yellow cab day
I even consider starting to pray
But then one cruises down the lane
Yes! My patience a taxi did gain
It’s about time that I caught a break
In the cold I had started to shake
Just then an old man stepped out on the road
Cursing inside, I honored the code
Graciously gave him my hard-won ride
Even though I was fit to be tied
At that point I surrendered the fight
Subway it is, though it’s late at night
Defeated, I walk across the street
I hear a honk, my heart skips a beat!
The yellow cab pulls up by my side,
“Hey young lady, do you need a ride?”




Best Way to Advertise Tango—Ever!

10 Jul

THIS evening I went dancing in Union Square. Tango, to be exact. You know that structure on the north side of the park that was covered in construction cloth all through winter? They lit it up, lined the inside walls with green metal park chairs, sprinkled baby powder on the flooring, and let the music do the rest.

Women floated by in gauzy silk dresses, and the men, looking serious and frowny, steered them across the dance floor with purpose and the occasional heel tangle. Best of all, passersby stopped, stared, and stepped up to the dancers to watch. Outside, across from the Barnes & Noble, a tanguero gave a free beginner lesson to anyone with an itch in their feet.

Here are some photos I took (with my phone) after I was too tired to tango anymore.

Tango at Union Square, New York, July 10, 2011

Tango at Union Square, New York, July 10, 2011



Tango in Union Square will take place every Sunday between 6 and 10 p.m. till September 26, with rotating DJs. Free.