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Who Can Spot the Sexism?

31 May

I WAS walking through LaGuardia last night, anxious to return home after a long weekend visiting friends, when I saw this HSBC advert by the escalator.

HSBC advertisement

You’ve probably seen different versions of this ad campaign at U.S. airports, cleverly reassuring you that the banking behemoth will be sensitive to your culture/point of view/whatever. But this one stunned me with its message: for a child, it is an accomplishment to tie shoelaces, for a man, it’s a voyage in outer space, but for a woman, all it takes is a prize at a beauty pageant!!

Not to mention the accompanying text at the right, which says, “The more you look at the world, the more you recognise what really matters to people.” Way to insult all the women in the world, HSBC.

If I were compiling a list of offensive ad campaigns, this one would be featured prominently. Right next to this Dos Equis one I wrote about here.

Watercolour Island

29 Apr A view of Belize from the airplane

BELIZE is a land smooth and green, like a bedsheet tugged flat, with an embroidery of palm trees that only wrinkle and bump the landscape.

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Cape Town | Shark-Struck

10 Dec A great white shark swims slowly past our cage

WE counted eight in all. The largest one was 4m long, the smallest a mere 2m. A couple obliged us by surging out of the water, jaws wide open, in a perfect photo op.

I forgot to click.

When confronted by great white sharks a few feet away from our boat, jaws dropped open and a collective “wow” swept the onlookers. We forgot everything we had seen in scary movies and on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week and just stared.

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Snake in the grass

20 Aug Our first glimpse of the Kukulcan Pyramid of Chichén Itzá

THE bodies of buildings are buried here,” our guide Jaime said, pointing to the partly excavated pyramids at the foot of the great Kukulcán pyramid. One of the seven wonders of the modern world, the limestone structure looms at the centre of the vast public ground in Chichén Itzá, the ancient Mayan city in the heartland of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. The steps leading up to the two-storey temple are carved with geometrical precision, but the fearsome sculptures of the god Kukulcán infuse the pyramid with energy and life.

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A walk on the wild side

25 Sep I have no photographs of our white water rafting adventure, so I decided to put up this one of the lake we encountered at the top of our hiking trail outside Lake George in the Adirondacks

MOST rapids seemed to be named after people who had died or were rescued at the last minute from a terrible fate. Maybe someone long ago had thought that it would add to the thrill of rafting down the river, but to me it seemed rather depressing. I shivered in the sunlight.

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