Sleeping with the Fishes

14 Jun

OK, I admit it, that title was a bit of a tease. This post has nothing to do with either The Godfather or death, but it does have to do with marine life. These are videos of sea critters that I took while snorkeling in Cozumel, off the Yucatan coast of Mexico, this past weekend. Excuse the shakiness; the waves made it difficult to hold the camera steady.

In this first video, a grouper (in the background) and an unknown blue fish swim past. Taken while snorkeling off the western coast of Cozumel, just opposite the restaurant Paprika.

In this second video, there are too many fish in this video to describe them all, but the school of purple looking fish floating around are actually yellow grunt fish; the absorption of light in the water does funny things to color. The tiny black and yellow striped fish are sergeant majors, and the spiny black creature hiding out in the coral is a black sea urchin.

Several Blue Tang.

I don’t know what fish these are but they surrounded me as I was about to leave the water and I had to take a quick video of them. I tried to reach out and touch them but they always managed to change direction at the last second and evade me.

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