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So Can We Leave Afghanistan Now?

2 May United States Marines raise the USMC flag at Ground Zero as a crowd celebrates the death of Osama bin Laden.

I HAD another post planned for today, but this news is too big to ignore. Since there are others with way more knowledge and experience on this subject (I’m referring to the shooting in the head till dead of Osama bin Laden by U.S. Special Forces last night), I’ll just get out of the way and let them talk.

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How The Pakistani Legal System Subverted Justice

28 Apr Protests against the Pakistani Supreme Court Ruling on the Mukhtar Mai Case

IN a previous blog post, I provided an account of the gang rape of Mukhtar Mai by four Mastoi clan members in Meerwala village in Pakistan. Here is a brief explanation of how her case was treated in the courts.

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Hello, world! Or, What Really Happened in the Mukhtar Mai Case

28 Apr Mukhtaran Mai

HI everyone. Rather than getting bogged down in an introductory post telling you all about myself, I would like to plunge right in. (Besides, you can read about me here.)

Last weekend, the Supreme Court in Pakistan upheld the ruling of the Lahore High Court and acquitted five of the six men previously convicted of gang raping Mukhtaran Mai. With this judgment, they took away hope from all the women in Pakistan who have been raped—and there are many—that one day their rapists will face justice.

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Lessons From Columbia ’68

12 May Columbia students had occupied the school buildings, April 1968. Courtesy Life magazine

NINETEEN sixty-eight was a year that shook the world. It also shook Columbia University, rattling it so hard that the president, Grayson Kirk, and the provost, David Truman, fell down—their reputations so tarnished that they had to “retire.” It is a time that haunts the secret underground tunnels under the main campus at 116th Street where student protesters once swarmed. Its ghosts linger in the five buildings—Fayerweather, Math, Hamilton, Avery and Low—that were once occupied by students for an entire week. It blankets the grass where police kicked, beat and arrested hundreds of demonstrators and bystanders.

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India: What Ails the Giant?

14 Apr Prabhat Patnaik. Photo courtesy Vipin Chandran/The Hindu

BETWEEN 1997 and 2005, one Indian farmer committed suicide every thirty-two minutes in India. Since then, it’s dropped to one suicide every thirty minutes. Last year, India fell two spots to rank 128th in the UN Development Program’s Human Development Index—behind El Salvador, Guatemala, Botswana, Sri Lanka and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Yet, even in the face of massive rural and substantial urban distress, pundits continue to praise India for being a “powerhouse economy” and a “stirring giant.”

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