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Four on Friday: The Second Edition

20 May

CONTINUING with this blog post format (see the inaugural post here), here are the four things I think you should know about the world from the past week.

1. Roseanne Barr’s kick-ass piece in New York magazine about sexism in television. For those of you who don’t remember, she was the star of the ABC sitcom Roseanne about a working-class family in Illinois. It was one of the most-watched shows on television in the nineties, and often dealt with taboo subjects such as pornography, abortion, domestic violence and gay rights. It was ahead of its time when it aired, and remains pretty radical now. When’s the last time you saw a blue-collar, woman-centric show with nary a platinum blond or a pair of stilettos in sight?

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Hungry at Midnight?

15 May

GO to the corner of 2nd Street and Avenue A, where there’s a kick-ass taco stand serving al pastor, chorizo, lengua, spicy pork, carne asada tacos and other deliciousness. It looks like it’s 24 x 7, and it’s Mexican street food’s gift to me. Check it out:

The Taco Morelos stand on 2nd Street and Avenue A

The Taco Morelos stand on 2nd Street and Avenue A

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Four on Friday

13 May Saravana Bhavan at 26th and Lex

THIS is a new format of blog post that I am trying out—to post four links, or highlight four interesting news items, or show you four photographs I really like, and so on—for Friday afternoons, when the yawns come frequently, the sun is shining outside so why are you stuck inside, and the brain cells are mushy. They might be a random collection or might share a common thread—I haven’t decided yet. Continue reading

Watch This Movie!

11 May A still from Nero's Guests

NERO’S GUESTS: The Age of Inequality is being shown at CUNY tomorrow at 7 p.m. Continue reading

Manna in Midtown

5 May Tulsi restaurant in mid-town Manhattan

MIDTOWN finally has good Indian food. Used to be, New Yorkers had to schlep down to 6th Street, or east to Curry Hill, or even further east to Jackson Heights. Now the executive chef at Dévi, Hemant Mathur, has opened up his own eatery, Tulsi, on E 46th Street. And from the full house on a Wednesday night, four months after its launch, it looks like the neighborhood much appreciates it.

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